Environmental Consulting

PWT delivers innovative yet practical and cost-effective environmental solutions to complex site challenges. Our team of scientific and engineering experts works collaboratively to develop fully integrated, client-driven environmental consulting services from investigation and design through construction, operations and maintenance.

We specialize in:

  • Investigation
  • Remedial Design / Implementation
  • Construction / Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology
  • Environmental Planning

GSA Schedule GS-00F-0002M

Remedial Design / Implementation

PWT designs remedial solutions for a variety of environmental contamination sites. Our design processes can be standalone or a seamless segment to our design-build activities. We perform all aspects of remedial system design from pre-design testing to system construction and management. Our cost-efficient and reliable design services include a focus on innovative, green, and sustainable technologies whenever appropriate.

Design services include:

  • Feasibility studies / engineering evaluations
  • Treatability studies
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Engineered remedial designs (hazardous waste disposal, RCRA-equivalent covers)
  • Groundwater remediation systems
  • Soil remediation systems
  • Civil and geotechnical engineering
  • Innovative technologies
  • Green and sustainable initiatives
  • Implementation of remedial design
  • Remedial system optimization

Construction remediation o&m

California Gulch OU11

PWT partners with our clients from concept through construction. We seamlessly integrate client’s representative design (or provide design services) with construction management services. This supports our clients’ expectations throughout the project duration and helps assure the project objectives are met in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our construction/remediation processes:

  • Project concept / feasibility studies
  • Environmental / geotechnical studies
  • Records of survey & legal descriptions
  • Budgeting & scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Contractor selection, contract administration
  • Subcontractor management
  • Stakeholder negotiations support
  • Construction management
  • Emergency response to hazardous waste spills
  • CAD documentation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Disturbed land reclamation

PWT provided EPA superb support for numerous, substantive design/activities, which required high levels of technical competence, high analytical ingenuity to relate to the complexities of each project to the others, while meeting very stringent 30-day review schedules.” – EPA Performance Evaluation Report 

Regulatory Compliance & permitting

PWT meets the full range of technical and administrative challenges posed by federal and state environmental safety and health regulations. More than 20 years of experience working with Superfund, MMRP, and other environmental sites provides our base of knowledge in:

  • CERCLA, NEPA, OSHA, RCRA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Executive Orders
  • Environmental health, and safety plans
  • Compliance management, monitoring, audits
  • Regulatory agency liaison and negotiations
  • Permitting
  • Spill prevention, control, countermeasure plans (SPCC Plan)
  • Pollution prevention
  • Community Right-to-Know Act reporting
  • Hazardous waste, stormwater, drinking water, and materials management

PWT performed proactively in anticipating issues and bringing to the table possible solutions…” EPA Performance Evaluation Report

Hydrology & Hydrogeology

PWT hydrologists control and protect surface and groundwater conditions with analysis and design of control structures to minimize hydrologic impacts, restore areas of past impact, and provide protection from natural hydrologic forces. Our hydrogeologists perform subsurface investigations to delineate groundwater contamination, predict risk, and provide technical and design support on dewatering projects, aquifer remediation systems, and groundwater monitoring systems, and they perform groundwater modeling to evaluate and predict groundwater movement.

  • Hydrologic / Hydrogeologic investigations
  • Design of runoff- and sediment-control features
  • Design of stream-channel improvements
  • Flood plain determinations
  • Surface and groundwater investigations
  • Surface water, groundwater, and water quality modeling
  • Dewatering system design
  • Preparation of regulatory compliance documents

Enviromental Planning

PWT works with government and industry to minimize pollution of land and water and the impacts of development. Supported by our baseline data collection and facility design capabilities, we bring extensive experience to delineate environmental impacts, design impact-mitigation plans, and prepare documents to obtain operating permits.

  • Permit applications
  • Environmental impact statements and environmental assessments
  • Regulatory agencies liaison
  • Litigation support / expert witness testimony