PWT provides comprehensive geospatial products and consulting services on all industry standard GIS platforms that allow you to visualize your data in powerful new ways. PWT’s geospatial solutions support your total mission needs.

  • Design
  • Management
  • Data acquisition

GSA Schedule GS-00F-0002M
541390 – Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services


PWT designs, develops, implements, and integrates geospatial databases across numerous disciplines and domains using industry standard development platforms. Content is determined by needs and use assessments; data surveys to determine data attributes, sources, types, domains, and range; and business-function data requirements.  PWT migrates data among various GIS formats and operating-system platforms and links existing database information to GIS graphic features.

  • Design and integration across disciplines and domains using industry-standard platforms
  • Needs and use assessments
  • Data attribute, source, type, domain, and range surveys

Data Acquisition

PWT performs data acquisition from diverse sources such as Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys, databases, and paper maps. To conduct GPS surveys, PWT Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists collect a geographically referenced position and import/migrate the data into the GIS format to build a GIS or to enhance or validate existing source data. Field data acquisition can be done independently or in conjunction with GPS data acquisition activities. PWT provides Quality Assurance/Quality Control ground control for our mapping and imaging projects to ensure the accuracy of point features that will be converted to GIS.

  • Global Positioning System surveys, databases, paper maps, etc…
  • Geographic Information Systems creation and validation and data migration
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (ground control for point data accuracy, etc…)