Civil & Geotechnical Engineering

Civil & Geotechnical Engineering

Civil Engineering. PWT develops solutions on all phases of project development, from pre-design feasibility studies through design, construction management, and preparation of as-built reports. Our engineers are licensed to practice in several states and can turn complex site conditions into optimal solutions.

  • Feasibility studies / engineering evaluations
  • Engineered remedial designs (hazardous waste disposal, RCRA-equivalent covers)
  • Remedial system optimization
  • Groundwater remediation systems
  • Soil remediation systems
  • Water-supply development
  • Computer simulation and design of water distribution systems
  • Design of roadways, pavement systems, and bridges
  • Grading plan design
  • Design of wastewater treatment and collection systems

Geotechnical Engineering. PWT evaluates subsurface soil conditions, designs cost-effective solutions to subsurface constraints, and defines the long-term performance of foundations and earthen structures to enhance the planning, design, and construction of buildings, process facilities, roads, pipelines, dams, landfills, and other structures.

  • Foundation and slope-stability investigations
  • Settlement evaluations
  • Design of mitigation plans
  • Borrow-source delineation
  • Design of foundations and dams
  • Construction management and inspection

Operations & Engineering