O&M of Remedial Systems

Remedial systems need to be tested, managed, and maintained to optimize performance. After a system is designed, PWT conducts bench-scale testing, computer modeling, and field demonstrations to evaluate innovative technologies. Once a system is built, PWT operates and provides oversight and long-term monitoring for everything from containment structures such as landfill covers, to groundwater remediation systems, to a wide variety of innovative technologies.

  • RCRA-equivalent covers
  • Hazardous waste landfills
  • Industrial wastewater pretreatment
  • Treatment technologies
    • In-situ and ex-situ bioremediation and oxidation
    • Biointrusion and capillary barriers
    • Soil-vapor extraction
    • Soil washing
    • Cut-off walls
    • Monitored natural attenuation
  • Green and sustainable initiatives

“PWT compiled a phenomenal team of experts from various disciplines to produce and approved design for a RCRA Subtitle C Equivalent Land Cover. This cover will be a template for remaining land covers at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Site and will be closely monitored by other sites throughout the United States as the standard for achieving ad RCRA-equivalent land cover